Taken from original letters and emails.

"Just to let you know that today I feel a different person - mind so much calmer and feeling ready to cope with anything. Thank you so much.  Another success!"

"...I'm now 27 weeks pregnant with a very wriggly little baby.

We are so happy and all is going well so far. Thank you for all of your treatments... and I'm sure I will be back to see you."

"THANK YOU for the wonderful treatment last Thursday... I am recovering and life begins again."

"... we saw the most steady and striking transformation.... she has cast away the zimmer and gets around fast with just a stick. She was so bad that first week; the other three, at least, felt that she was dying.    We do attribute a lot of her wondrous survival to you...Thank you so very much, from all of us."

"The illness made me feel massively defeated and I found it tough to confront it.

I felt so blessed to have received your help in time.

The benefit reaped from both your therapy and advice are beyond measure."

"...large Schwannoma in spine, lost nerve in right leg during operation to remove it...
Anyway,  I saw you for acupuncture.. And here we are,  seven months later, and I feel fine."