Helping Yourself



  • Walk instead of driving, take she stairs instead of the lift

  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Pilates - whatever you enjoy

  • Check out my qigong videos and docs

Eat well


Breathe Properly

  •  Breathing can profoundly affect your mood, blood pressure, heart health and oxygen supply to tissues and brain

  •  Get into the habit of nose breathing. Keep your mouth closed whenever you remember

  •  Allow your breathing to slow down

  •  If you are anxious or stressed, breathe out slowly and sink your attention to your lower abdomen


Remember what you enjoy in life

  •  Make a list of your favourite films, music, animals, people, smells, places, then use some reminders.  A photo at your desk, contacting friends, putting on some good music - all of these can help you remember the good things in life

  • Notice how good you feel when you help someone.  Great, isn't it?