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Helping Yourself

   Acupuncture can improve health and you can also help to keep yourself in top form:

Eat well
    Have a wide range of good quality seasonal food, freshly prepared
    Keep the evening meal light and early if possible
    Avoid chilled drinks, especially with meals, and avoid sugary food and sweeteners like the plague!
    Eat and drink in moderation and read the labels if you buy pre-prepared food. You may be surprised.
    If you are eating, just eat. Savour it rather than just shoving it down while you text

    Not everyone thrives on pounding the treadmill or heaving weights

    Consider swimming, walking, dancing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Pilates - something you enjoy

    Breathing can profoundly affect your mood, blood pressure, heart health and supply of oxygen to tissues and brain.
    Get into the habit of nose breathing. Keep your mouth closed whenever you remember

    Allow your breath to slow and focus on your abdomen rather than your chest
    If you are anxious or stressed, breathe out slowly and sink your attention to your lower abdomen

    Top tip to de-stress: imagine breathing in and out through the soles of your feet to your abdomen

Enjoy life
   Take a walk in the countryside or look out over the sea

   Feel that sense of awe as you appreciate the wonder of nature    

   Remind yourself that all this is going on despite your own problems
   Make a list of things that delight you - your favourite films, music, animals, people, smells, places

   A photo at your desk, contacting friends, great music - all of these can remind you of the good things in life

Follow your dream
  Don't sweat the small stuff; ignore the minor problems in life. There are more important things out there  

  Where would you like to be in five years time? What's the first step to get there? Ready to take it?

First aid tips from the Acupuncture Toolkit
  Premenstrual breast discomfort - rub your knuckles firmly and briskly down the sides of your thighs several times.

  The gallbladder channel covers this area and later passes over the breasts

  It might make your eyes water but it can be a great relief

Winter Remedies

Here is a page of tips to help minor problems.

Don't be put off if they seem wacky. They will not kill viruses, but have often helped simple cases