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My Training

I must have been an early starter - I remember practising asanas as a boy before I had discovered yoga.

I qualified as one of the first teachers with the British Wheel of Yoga at 23, and later taught anatomy and physiology for yoga teachers in training.

Over the years I have trained in Remedial Massage,  Daoist Massage, and Shiatsu. 

I also learned Maitland Technique and Positional Release - gentle mobilization techniques.

In my early twenties I helped to run classes at the East West Centre after studying palm healing, shiatsu, qigong and oriental dietary therapy with Michio Kushi, Bill Tara and Masahiro Oki.

I graduated as an acupuncturist after three years (and 3,500 hours) training at the first full-time college in Europe, studying under JD Van Buren and Giovanni Maciocia.

I honed my acupuncture and qigong skills at Chengdu University Hospital and later studied Manaka style Japanese acupuncture.

I was fortunate to attend the first course in Craniosacral Technique for non-osteopaths, and some aspects of it, such as fascial unwinding, augment my treatments.

In clinic I draw from all these disciplines, according to the needs of the patient.

Many years ago I set up regular classes in Yoga, Wholefood Cookery and Healthy Eating for Kent and Surrey Adult Education, and taught the first Shiatsu and Therapeutic Massage courses for them. 

Since then I have lectured for colleges, societies and hospitals in the UK, Spain, Norway and South Africa.

My last two day workshop was introducing Traditional Chinese Medicine to osteopaths.