Frequently asked questions


How are acupuncturists trained, and what are the differences?

There are several main styles of acupuncture in use.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCM gathers information by looking, asking, listening and palpating. Treatment is based on the individual pattern which emerges The basic principles have been used and refined over 2000 years, and are still an important part of mainstream medicine in the east. Five Elements Acupuncture A recent system using the Five Elements theory alone, developed by JR Worsley. I use Five Elements, but in a wider, traditional context BAcC members use a variety of styles, but all have trained for an average of 3500 hours over three to four years, and are able to treat a wide range of conditions When applied by these fully trained practitioners, acupuncture is one of the safest therapies Dry Needling
Often referred to as "acupuncture", this is frequently taught as a weekend course for doctors, physios, osteopaths and chiropractors It is useful for tight muscles and pain but obviously limited in scope Western (Medical) Acupuncture
Used by western medical practitioners, the emphasis is on treating muscles and nerves,usually for pain control Does not usually consider traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment, preferring western science based theory

What diseases can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture affects a huge range of conditions (see our Register's booklet - The Scope of Acupuncture - you can download a copy here).
Rather than treating diseases as such, we focus on the person experiencing the symptoms, so a given condition could be treated in very different ways depending on how it has affected that particular person.
If you ask people you know, you will get an idea of what sort of problems have been helped.

What can I do to help with the treatment?

A lot! Take a look at Helping Yourself page for suggestions Avoid alcohol or heavy meals before the treatment, but don’t go hungry -a light meal is fine Try not do do heavy exercise immediately after treatment unless you train hard daily.

Does it hurt?

My style of acupuncture uses fine needles, with gentle stimulation. Although it is possible to feel strong sensations, most patients enjoy the treatment The sensations of tingling, warmth or heaviness are welcome signs of activity Massage, pressure, cupping, warming and even light touch may also be used in treatment

Will my private health insurance cover me?

Many health insurance companies including AXA PPP will pay
Please check first, as you may need to be referred by a doctor or consultant, and cover may be limited

Can I park at the clinic?

There is a car park at the clinic. You can use any of the spaces on either side except the one for people with disabilities. Ignore the threatening signs. If there are no spaces there is a public car park nearby in John Street

Do you help with fertility?

I am very happy to help with couples wishing to conceive naturally. Many couples have conceived after improving the health of both partners with acupuncture and lifestyle to support a pregnancy. I am not keen to treat if the couple are in high-powered jobs, living on stimulants and fast food and hoping that IVF will be the solution...

What should I wear?

It is usually easiest to work with you in underwear If you are self conscious, please wear loose lightweight clothing or bring a suitable gown I will always try to preserve your modesty so please let me know if you are at all uncomfortable

How much do you charge?

I charge £75 for the first visit (1 hour), and £60 for follow-ups (45 minutes) My experience and integrated approach usually mean fewer treatments are required so you may well be paying less overall I have a quota of patients receiving a concessionary rate. It is full at the moment, but I would be glad to add you to the list if you ask